The researcher will be directly involved in the European activities of the company and will be in charge of conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost studies (LCC), Social LCA (sLCA) and Eco-design activities both for international projects and private contracts.

Other complementary activities will be also part of the daily duties of the researcher, tailored to the scope of each project or contract, such as: Circular Economy modelling; Material Flow Analysis (MFA); modelling and simulation of specific processes; Levelized Cost Analysis; proposition of Material Circularity Indicators (MCI); Risk Assessments in terms of Health and Safety criteria of the process/product considered; Inventory and analysis of the regulatory and certification framework of the targeted project, to facilitate its standardisation and market uptake.

The researcher will be responsible for performing these studies in diverse and transversal sectors, aligned with the activities of current projects, and also with the European research and innovation strategy. Potential, but not exclusive domains of activities will be: renewable energies and fuels; advanced sustainable materials; novel bio-sourced products and bioeconomy development; wastes valorisation and industrial symbiosis; sustainable mobility, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings; Environmental management, and climate mitigation and adaptation.


- Excellent level of Spanish and English (C1/C2 level in both languages).

- Over 5 years of experience in Eco-design, Life Cycle Assessment, and cost analysis.

- Strong written and verbal communication skills.

- Ability to support the generation of valuable insights on sustainability related topics, and in preparing clear and compelling reports and presentations of results (mainly in English).

- Bachelor's and master's degrees in scientific field (e.g. Environmental Sciences, Biology/Biotechnology, Chemistry or Engineering among others).

- PhD or postdoctoral activity in the field of Sustainable Development, LCA, LCC, sLCA and Eco-Design, showing a strong understanding and analytical skills towards sustainability topics.

- Strong ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment and adaptive capabilities to different sectors.

- Problem-solving approach, proactive and decisive attitude.

- European projects experience is an asset.

- Full availability to travel.


- Positive work environment, with a professional team in a dynamic developing company.

- Full- time employment (40 hours per week).

- Annual contract, renewable with the guarantee of permanent contract.

- Immediate incorporation.

- Salary will be fixed according to qualifications and experience.