Our management team

The LOMARTOV management team brings quality, experience and confidence. They guide our company with passion and enthusiasm every day. 


Chief Executive Officer

PhD in Biochemistry, MSc in Pharmacy, MSc in Medical Analysis, MSc in Assisted Reproduction. Expert in research on Bioengineering, sustainability and production technology. 10 years research and managing experience in biochemistry, sustainability and safety of materials, food industry and safety of food production. 3 years as production and quality expert within Pharma Industry.


Technical Coordinator

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Production, MSc in Industrial and Environmental Safety, BSc in Chemical Engineering. Expert in research on Electrochemical Engineering and Materials Science. More than 30 publications in scientific international journals and book chapters, 2 patents, and participation in +15 projects on a variety of topics including: hydrogen generation, electrocatalysis, solar fuels, water remediation, plastic chemical recycling, ionic ceramic membranes, CO2 capture and circular economy.


European Projects Coordinator

BD in Political Science and International Relation and MA in European and International geopolitics, with specialisation on International migrations from a multidisciplinary approach. MA in Engineering of European and International projects. Confirmed experience, since 2015, in managing and coordinating projects in the field of agriculture and forestry, mainly related to renewable energies (biomass), sustainable forest and agriculture management, professional education and training, EU transnational mobility of learners and workers, innovation and exchange of good practices, under different EU grants.